Light Up Your iPhone with this Ridiculous Case

51d10xv9julHalf the fun of owning a smartphone is expressing your creativity by putting a case on it. Most of us typically prefer something simple and protective, which is great. But then there are the kinds of users who enjoy going beyond the norm in how they choose to dress up their phones. In other words, things can become a bit ridiculous.

In this case (pun alert), let’s talk about the LED Light Up Luminescence, a rather unique case for the iPhone 6s. As its name suggests, the case features onboard LEDs that can illuminate any subject at a moment’s notice. Simply click the button on the back of the case and you’re ready to go!

The intensity of the LEDs on the case can be adjusted, thanks to the included dimmer button. Double-clicking the button causes the LEDs to continually flash.

Battery life, according to the product’s Amazon listing, isn’t so bad. The built-in battery can lasts for weeks on a single charge. When it comes time to finally charge the case, you can do so using the included micro-USB cable.

The LED Light Up Selfie Luminescence is available in four colors: black, white, pink and rose golden




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