7 Great Cases for Your New iPhone 7

So, you’re lucky enough to own a brand-new iPhone 7 (or even an iPhone 7 Plus) and now you need a case to protect it. Not surprisingly, Amazon already offers a ton of different cases to choose from — some much better than others. Below are seven cases that I have personally chosen that represent both quality and overall looks. Let’s begin with something simple.

Maxboost Protective Slider (iPhone 7)

51buiglkftlA perfect case for users who prefer something minimal, the Maxboost Protective Slider is simple, elegant and functional. It offers 360-degree protection, meaning that both sides and all four corners of your iPhone 7 is not prone to damage.

Because the Maxboost Protective Slider is designed specifically for the iPhone 7, this guarantees that all ports, speakers and buttons are easily accessible. And it’s comfortable, too — featuring a thin layer of fabric interior.




Spigen Ultra Hybrid S (iPhone 7)

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid S offers a slim build that is easy on the eyes. It’s also transparent, allowing the iPhone’s design to be appreciated.

However, this case offers something a little extra. A small flip-out kickstand enables users to enjoy videos and photos on the convenience of any flat surface.




Spigen Flip Armor (iPhone 7 Plus)

If carrying around credit cards around with your iPhone is your thing, then you’ll love the Spigen Flip Armor. As the name suggests, this case has a flip-out bottom that reveals a slot large enough to hold up to two credit cards.

To make things even better, the Spigen Flip Armor is available in four varieties that can match your iPhone: Gunmetal, Jet Black, Rose Gold, and Satin Silver




Caseology Wavelength (iPhone 7 Plus)

A little on the thicker side (but still quite thin), the Caseology Wavelength offers more of a stylish solution for those users who care about fashion.

Featuring a dual-tone design, this case features plenty of protection and access to all necessary buttons and ports — aside from the stereo speakers. Only one seems to be accessible.




Maxboost Vibrance Protective Slider (iPhone 7)

Looking for something more… vibrant? Well, this might be the case for you. The Maxboost Vibrance Protective Slider is available in four bright varieties: Italian Rose-Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Turquoise-Champagne Gold, and White-Champagne Gold

Protecting all four sides of your iPhone (like most cases), the Maxboost Vibrance offers the perfect fit and a soft fabric interior. It also doesn’t hurt that a lifetime hassle-free warranty is included.




OtterBox Defender (iPhone 7)

Ah, OtterBox. It’s one of the most popular brands that sells highly protective cases for smartphones, and it’s no different with the iPhone 7.

The OtterBox Defender, as expected, features heavy duty protection against drops and serious damage. It’s built from a high-impact polycarbonate shell that is extremely durable. Also part of the case design is a built-in screen protector.





Spigen Slim Armor CS (iPhone 7 Plus)

I couldn’t wrap up this post without featuring another iPhone case that has a small compartment for storing credit cards. The idea is just really neat to me, I guess.

Spigen’s Slim Armor CS is very similar to the other case I recommended earlier, but this one features a larger and more convenient slide-out door that can hold up to three credit cards. And ironically, it’s slimmer than most wallets.





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