Jemma 20000mAh Portable Charger Ultra High Capacity Power Bank for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy & More

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Why You Need a Portable Charger Today
The freedom you will experience from having a portable charger will seem so easily won when you consider the price. But getting a charger with low quality will exactly let you down all day, even taking away your phone’s life.

Nice To Meet You, We Are Jemma.
Power, speed, compatibility, portability and quality – You deserve it.

3-USB Port, Universal Fits, No Reason To Say No !
You can use our power bank to charge your iPhone, Android,Windows devices and so on. With 3-Port USB Port, all your hungry devices will be satisfied at the same time. Remember to share power with your friends and family.

Monster Capacity, Fast Charging, Best Choice For Hungry Devices
With the charge’s monster capacity of 20000mAh, your device will be far away from death. Charge an iPhone 6 seven times, a Galaxy S6 five times or an iPad mini twice. With 10 minutes charging and 1 hour phone talk time, the enough power can keep you going, going…and going.

Compact Design, Smart Screen, You Have Been Waiting For
More options but lighter weight and smaller size, easy to hold and exactly what you want. “Yes” is always your pocket’s answer when taking this charger to hiking, camping and BBQ. You can see the left juice clearly and correctly with bulit-in smart digital screen. Recharging is just on the way.

Safe Protection, Friendly Support, Looking No Further
Jemma’s Li-ion polymer cell and multiple smart protection system keep you and your devices safe from over-charging and short circuit as well as conform to CE, RoHS, and FCC. 7*24 friendly service and 18 months warranty are always in your side. Jemma is the last charger you will ever find.

It Is Much Better To Have And Not Need Than To Need And Not Have. You Have To Give It a Try!
Very Fast Charging: All your hungry devices are on service now! Classic portable charger with triple USB ports of rechargeable battery power for simultaneous charging of your iPad, iPhone, Android devices.
Very Monster Capacity : Just put away this little capacity charger and welcome your new partner. 20000mah power allows you traveling for weeks and keeps your phone online for 7 days.
Very Compact Design: Bored with your heavy”book”? Our power plant is just for your palm or pocket. With 3-Port USB Port and dual flashlight, the portable charger weighs as little as a can of soup. It will never be your burden when hiking, camping, BBQ and so on.
Very Smart Digital Screen: Worries about the left juice have gone forever. The built-in Smart Digital Screen shows remaining juice in digital format. Recharging time is just on your order.
Very Safe Protection: Will you accept a bomb at home?. Ultra reliable A+ Lithium-Ion battery; short-circuit and over-current protection as well as conform to CE, RoHS, and FCC. You and your devices are always safe.

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